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BBC Front Page News

What we know so far about Trump shooting suspectWhat we know so far about Trump shooting suspect

The man who attempted to assassinate the former president was named by the FBI as 20-year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks.

Secret Service has questions to answer  for failing to stop Trump gunmanSecret Service has questions to answer for failing to stop Trump gunman

The US wants to know how a gunman got within a few hundred feet of Trump and fire shots at him.

Video shows Trump rally shooter on roofVideo shows Trump rally shooter on roof

The former president was shot at during a rally in Pennsylvania, and has since returned home to New Jersey.

Watch: How chaos unfolded at Trump rally shootingWatch: How chaos unfolded at Trump rally shooting

Former US President Donald Trump was rushed off stage in Pennsylvania after an apparent assassination attempt.

AskTen - Nine things you may not have noticed last week!

1. How to stop bad leadership behaviours. Establishing feedback mechanisms for employees to express concerns or report bad leadership behaviour can help address issues early. However, if you want to empower, engage, or motivate others, don't just focus on increasing your positive behaviours. Pay attention to the things you need to stop doing at the same time. READ MORE

2. Who’s leaving the Commons? Of the 650 MPs in the House of Commons, 135 have announced they will not be standing at the election on 4 July. Among the famous faces departing are 22 current and former secretaries of state. Most notable are former prime minister Theresa May, former deputy prime minister Dominic Raab and current levelling-up secretary Michael Gove among the Tories, while former Labour ministers Harriet Harman and Margaret Hodge are also not seeking re-election. They are joined by Ian Blackford, the former Westminster leader of the SNP, two current deputy speakers, Rosie Winterton and Eleanor Laing, and the chairs of 10 select committees. By far the highest number of MPs standing down are from the Conservative Party, with 78 heading for pastures new. BBC

3. Rutte to take over Nato. Outgoing Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is to become the next secretary-general of Nato after his lone challenger, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, pulled out. Rutte will take over as leader of Nato at a critical time. His new job will begin by 2 October, just over a month before the US presidential election – a vote that will shape the fate of the military alliance that has served as Eastern Europe's most successful deterrence to an aggressive Russia. Nato makes all of its decisions by consensus, giving any of its 32 member countries an effective veto, which makes Rutte's experience of leading four Dutch multi-party governments invaluable. Politico

4. Summer job cuts as minimum wage bites. Some companies are hiring fewer people this summer due to a 9.8% increase in the minimum wage to £11.44 an hour, data suggests. Job postings for temporary summer jobs fell by up to 45% in April and May across the hotel, restaurant, tourism and construction sectors, according to data from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation. Separately, the manufacturing sector is facing a skills shortage which is limiting growth, lobby group Make UK has said. There are around 64,000 vacancies in manufacturing, costing £6bn in lost output. Despite this, the sector expects an increase in orders and output in the second half of 2024. Make UK expects manufacturing to grow by 1.2% this year, more than GDP's anticipated 0.9% growth. The Telegraph

5. Hybrid beats five-day weeks. A hybrid work schedule is more beneficial than being in the office five days a week, according to a new study. It lands amid employer concerns about worker productivity, creativity and collaboration when remote. Hybrid workers say that working partly from home makes them happier, healthier and more productive. Almost four in five (78%) hybrid workers say that they feel less stressed than when they worked full-time in an office; 68% sleep better. Three-quarters say a return to the office full-time would damage their well-being. Nature


6. Which factors are most important in a mentor, coach or adviser? It’s important to look beyond surface-level factors when seeking a mentor, coach or adviser. Fancy websites, large social media followings, and age may seem impressive, but they don't guarantee results or compatibility. Instead, one should consider factors like experience, passion or testimonials. What do you look for when seeking a mentor, coach or adviser? Please share your thoughts in our latest poll. Compatibility experience, empathy, knowledge, passion, popularity. VOTE HERE

7. Walking can cure back pain. Walking three times a week to ease back pain nearly halves the risk of recurrence, according to a study published in the Lancet. Researchers found that people who walked three to five times a week, averaging 130 minutes per week, stayed pain-free almost twice as long as those who did not walk. About 800 million people suffer from lower back pain worldwide and walking can have a "profound impact" on preventing flare-ups, improving quality of life, and reducing instances of disability worldwide. The Guardian

8. Declining global sperm count is threat to humanity. Men’s sperm counts have more than halved over the past 50 years, with potentially drastic consequences for the future of the human race. About one in six adults worldwide experiences infertility at some point, according to the World Health Organisation, and between 30% and 50% of cases are linked to problems with the quantity and quality of semen. Various features of modern life are to blame, including pollution, alcohol, drug use, global warming, stress, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle and exposure to chemicals like pesticides. New Scientist

9. The most well-known political figures. In most of the world, people seem to be unhappy about their elected leaders, and the UK is no different. Here’s the list of the top 10 well-known politicians compared with their popularity rating. 10: Liz Truss with a fame rating of 94%, but a popularity rating of just 16%; 9: Keir Starmer [94/30]; 8: Jeremy Corbyn [95/20]; 7: Nicola Sturgeon [95/22]; 6: Theresa May [96/20]; 5: Tony Blair [97/18]; 4: David Cameron [98/17]; 3: Rishi Sunak [98/20]; 2: Boris Johnson [98/30] and 1: Nigel Farage [98/38]. YouGov

10. The bottom line. The number of millionaires in Germany and France has risen by 15% and 14% respectively over the last decade, a new report has found. The UK lost 8% of its millionaires over the same period and stands to lose at least 9,500 more this year, double the number in 2023. But Italy, Greece and Portugal are set to welcome large inflows. Euronews

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